Adam Kuettel is a successful Financial Advisor who is currently serving as a Managing Partner at NWA Financial Partners and Partner at Argo Capital Partners.

Adam has always been fascinated with financial markets. Combine this with his passion for helping others, his career as an advisor was a natural fit. He has the skill set and knowledge to help guide his clients make sense of their financial lives, whether it is saving for retirement, putting kids through college, estate planning or tax planning, among other services.

A graduate of the University of Central Arkansas, Adam Kuettel has a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Finance and Marketing.

Following his educational endeavors, Adam has played pivotal roles at numerous financial firms. Adam began as a Financial Advisor at Beall Barclay & Company, PLC where he was part of a five member wealth management team. Located in Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley, Adam worked directly on Northwest Arkansas Accounts. He was tasked with designing and presenting investing, tax, insurance and benefit strategies for clients. In addition, Adam maintained the current firm client book, while actively growing assets.

Adam Kuettel transitioned to a wholesaler position at Dividend Capital, located in Denver, in 2010. During his first year with the company, Adam increased the capital inflow of his region by 781% and led education efforts for clients and advisors on alternative assets. Furthermore, he led capital raises internally for the Southeast region for Industrial Income Trust, a $4 billion REIT.

In 2011, Adam made another shift over to Preadium Consulting. Working as a Principle, he helped develop a sales platform for 1031 exchanges and led research endeavors on national 1031 market for clients. Adam also successfully facilitated institutional transactions between institutions and clients.

Argo Venture Capital is based in Bentonville, Arkansas. The company focuses on making investments in seed, early and formative stages to companies centered around consumer packaged goods and retail. There are four partners in Adam’s firm, three specializing in retail and Adam specializing in Finance.

Argo Venture Capital stands out because of their level of understanding, connectivity and past success in and around the consumer package goods and retail space. They are able to build brands and commercialize them because of their deep level of understanding of how to work with consumers and retailers. The company has a broad network inside of the world’s largest retailer as well as CPG companies that they can draw on. They have has many past successes and plan on having many more in the future.